The Women’s Day Meeting 08 – 03 – 1015

To honoring a half of the world on the Women’s Day 08-03, the Union Executive Committee of SEE has celebrated a meeting for officers and employers on Saturday, March 07 at the company’s hall with purpose that bring joyful and comfort for everybody after stress working hours and especially to thank women that contribute for the company’s success.

The meeting is divided into 2 parts: playing games and conversing, exchanging as well as receiving the contributive opinion from officers and employers. In the first part, everybody has attended in many interesting games such as guessing things, figure began chasing letters, quick quick eye, picture collaging… together with a lot of attractive and lovely gifts. After playing games, officers and employers has conversed to exchange and receive the contributive opinion as well as having a light meal with organizers and guests.

The Women’s Day Meeting 08-03 has finished successfully, leave beautiful impressions as well as bring for everybody a meaningful Women’s Day. Furthermore, the relationship of people in SEE is more and more close-knit through this happy and homey meeting.

Here are some meeting’s images:


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