The second factory – Tan Kim inauguration

On September 12 – 2014, SEE has celebrated the second factory – Tan Kim inauguration in happy and friendly atmosphere, with the attention of SEE’s leadership board members, partners, bank representatives and employees as well as relatives in this event.

Saigon Electrical Equipment Corporation is the company that specialized in producing electrical equipment with over 20 years experience and the average growth rate from 15 – 20%. Together with SEE’s development, the second factory – Tân Kim inauguration is really essential because it not only overcomes Hung Long factory’s overload, but also facilitates for SEE’s durable enhancement, increases the competitive ability in integration times, meets the technical requirements is higher and higher of domestic electrical industry in general and international individually.

The factory was constructed with over 11.000m2 area and invested many modern equipment as well as machineries. This factory will be used for researching, producing and assembling  electric panels, equipment, circuit-breakers,… require high technical level.

This is the meaningful event for SEE’s 20 years anniversary will occur at year end (2014).

There are some following inauguration’s images:


Tan Kim Factory Gate

Guests images

The inauguration stage

SEE’s Director stated

SEE’s President stated

Awarded for individuals and organizations has contributed for building Tan Kim factory

Ribbon – Cutting Ceremony

Some memorial images

Some memorial images























































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